Our Hikes

What’s living near to the mountains without breathtaking hikes!!


Here we will showcase some of our more memorable hiking adventures!!

Our Favorite hike to date was to the upper Galatea Lakes. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the second lake due to a Grizzly Bear who decided the berries along the trail were more important. Just when we thought the Grizz was gone and walked along the trail, he decided to reappear and gave us a good scare, fortunately he was more interested in fattening up for hibernation than he was with us…we’ll try again another time!!

In the Alberta Rockies you never know what the weather will hold. On this day we encountered every season in one day of hiking. 


Just in case no one believes the Tica hiked through a blizzard, the snow accumulation on her hoodie should do the trick!! 

We didn’t know what to expect when we reached the Ink Pots, but wow were we amazed. 


We initially avoided this hike due to the overcrowding concerns we have heard repeatedly. COVID-19 brought highway and campground closures and the only way in was by bicycle or walk.


The south approach is a beautiful 17km #Tandemstyle (or regular bike) from the Highway 1A closure. This is a freshly paved highway now closed to vehicles, the views are spectacular and mother nature is always on hand. The north entrance is a 6km hike (or bike) in.


The closures have drastically reduced the number of people invading this area on a sunny summer day due to the journey to get to the starting point. We heard horror stories of the Lower Falls line ups taking up to 3-hours for a 3km roundtrip journey to the falls. 


On our day, there were limited number of people and we encountered only nature, and a handful of people once we passed the Lower Falls.


The Ink Pots hike is a relatively easy hike, but go prepared!! Hiking in the mountains can always be full of surprises.